Battle Allstars 2016 Pre Launch Gathering

Excited after our last blog post? Check-out Battle Allstars’ pre launch gathering at the Panda Market last week. If you’re a car-modding enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out! Remember, from April 29 to September 10, The Battle Allstars hosted by Battle Industries Inc. will be held at the Panda Market.  Hosted every 2nd Saturday

Opening Day Countdown

Have you seen our countdown posts on our social media? If not, you should take a look here: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  We are showcasing the food and merchandise from last years vendors while letting you know we’re opening soon! We currently have 9 more days until our soft opening of the Panda Market, so be prepared of what

Panda Market – A Taste of Taiwan

Why Experiencing Taiwanese Night Market Culture Is Something to Put On Your Bucket List There are numerous cities around the world who boast amazing night markets, especially within Asia. Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand just to name few, host a variety of unique foods and each carry its own distinctive culture and atmosphere. However, none of