Giveaways! Giveaways! Giveaways!

It has begun! Every single weekend at the Panda Market, we will be giving away food coupons, game coupons, parking passes, concert tickets, the list goes on. Honestly we have so many prizes we don’t know what to do with it. So how do you win? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find

Featured Vendor – Shanghai Special!

Pork Schnitzel… With a Twist!   When you hear “Pork Schnitzel” perhaps Austria or Germany comes to mind, but you probably don’t think of Shanghai. Little do you know, but Pork Schnitzel is one of the most popular street foods in Shanghai. Known as 炸豬排 “za zhu pa” in China, the pork is tenderized and coated

Upcoming Events

We will be back this weekend from May 20th – May 22nd, open an extra hour on Sunday from 7pm to 12am instead of 11pm! We have a lot of events coming up to celebrate the May long weekend. Buddhist Funk Project Buddhist Funk Project is a four-piece jazz, funk, blues and fusion group based

Windy Weekend!

After a great week of sunshine, Vancouver was windy this weekend! Thank you to all those that came out to enjoy the market despite the cold winds – thank goodness for warm beverages such as hot chocolate and imitation shark fin soup at the market. Quinn was up to his little tricks again, entertaining guests

Featuring: Top Dough Chimney Cakes

Come check out Top Dough’s Chimney Cakes this weekend.  Originating in Slovakia, Chimney Cakes are a well loved pastry that we are lucky enough to have here right in Vancouver, BC!     Featuring Top Dough’s Top Chef Jaroslav Mestka (Right)   Born and raised in Prague, Jaroslav Mestka came to Vancouver 2 years ago.

Mother’s Day Weekend

Thank you everyone that came out on Mother’s Day weekend and sang your hearts out for your dearest moms! For those that haven’t seen our food court section yet, here it is! Settle down at a table with your friends and family instead of standing around to enjoy your food. Since everyone is together, you

Opening Weekend!

We just wrapped up our opening weekend (April 29th – May 1st)! For those that came out to enjoy the market – it was a beautiful weekend wasn’t it? For those who haven’t got the chance to come by to visit yet, there are some changes to the market that spices things up a little!