Vendor Guide

  • One of Top 4 Night Markets in the World, as voted by BBC Travel
  • Awarded Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Award, for our reputation of outstanding contribution to communities and charities.
  • In a stable location until 2018, with the option for another 6 year renewal
  • Partnerships with major corporations
  • No hidden fees

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Location: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond, BC
Phone Number: (604) 278-8000

Food Vendors

All Food Vendors get:

  • One 9’ x 9’ tent
  • One 6’ table
  • One 15amp power outlet
  • Hot and cold water sink
  • Additional power booths are available

Merchandise Vendors

All Merchandise Vendors get:

  • One 9’ x 9’ tent
  • One 6’ table
  • One 2amp power outlet


How many days is International Summer Night Market open?

Our night market is open for 60 days in 2017, from April 28th to September 10th.

Is tax included in the price?

Tax is NOT included in any price.

Do I need any liability insurance?

Yes, International Summer Night Market requires a liability insurance coverage of $5 million. You can transfer the insurance from your business to our night market by adding our company’s name or you can buy the insurance through our company.

Is the damage deposit refundable?

Yes, International Summer Night Market refunds your damage deposit in full upon the end of the night market season, granted no damages in your booth area.

How do I apply for the night market business licence?

After signing the contract with International Summer Night Market, you can bring the contract to the City of Richmond and apply for the night market business license.

Do I have a parking lot during the night market?

Yes, our vendors can park for free in the vendor lot. Visitors typically park for a fee of $4 at designated night market lots.

If we are a non-profit charity organization, can we get any discount on renting a booth?

The International Summer Night Market supports any non-profit charity organizations, and would be happy to work with you to raise awareness for your cause and donate towards your campaign. You will receive a discount when you rent a booth or purchase any advertising services.

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12631 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC V6V 1J7


604 278 8000

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm